How UE Access Restrictions to Cell

The UE carried out a restriction of access check during connection establishment. This function provides a means of controlling traffic load from the EU. There are separate facilities for control of Mobile originated (MO) calls and signaling. On top of regular class, parental control, specific Access Control Services (SSAC) can be applied. SSAC facilitates separate control for MultiMedia telephony (MMTEL) voice and video calls. Most of the functionality of SSAC is handled by upper layers.

In addition, there are separate access control to protect against E-UTRAN overload due to UEs accessing E-UTRAN only to CSFB for CDMA2000. The UE is part of a class (AC) in the enumeration range. In addition, some UEs may belong to one or more priority in ACs 11-15 range, which are reserved for specific uses (e.g., security services, public utilities, emergency services, PLMN). AC10 is used for emphasis. for example, regarding the high priority PLMN ACs shall apply. The UE considers that access to be prescribed where access is prohibited for all ACs applicable.

SIB2 may include AC, set parameters for ban MO MO calls and/or signalling. This set consists of the probability factor and the ban timer for AC0-9 and ban list bits for AC11-15. AC0-9 for If the UE initiates the call MO and appropriate AC, ban options are enabled, the UE draws a random number. If this number exceeds the probability factor, is not closed. Otherwise access is closed for a period, which is randomly selected to focus on broadcasting, the ban timer value. For if the UE 15-AC11 initiates call MO and appropriate AC, no options are enabled, access to closed whenever the bit corresponding to all UE ACs. The behavior is the same in the case of UE signaling. MO initiated

For (re) selection, the UE is expected to take into account that the use of cells that are neither limitations are not reserved for the operator or the future. In addition, the UE with access class for 11-15 considering cell (only) is reserved for the use of the operator and part of his home PLMN (or equivalent), as candidate for the selected cells. The UE is never (re) select a cell that is not a candidate elected even an emergency opening.

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