How Grouped UE Closed Subscriber

Closed Subscriber Group

LTE supports the existence of cells which are only available for a limited set of EEC- A closed Subscriber Group (CSG). In order to prevent attempts to register on the UES CSG cells on which they do not have access to, up to the CSG supports white list, that is, a list of The CSG that identity was granted access to UES. CSG white list can be transferred to UE the top layers, or update after successful access to cell CSG. Whom facilitate the latter, support of the EEC “manual selection” CSG cells that are not in the CSG white list. Manual selection of the top layers may be requested, on the basis of a text string broadcasting in the cell. LTE also supports hybrid cells. As cell-cell CSG hybrid broadcast The CSG; they are available as cell CSG, EEC, whose GCF white lists include CSG’s personality and how normal cells, other EEC.

Cell Selection Anyone

If the UE is able to find the cells selected PLMN, performs “any cell option “. In this case the UE performs the normal idle mode: monitor paging, the acquisition of SI, the cells selected. In addition, the UE regularly tries to find the corresponding cells on other frequencies or rats (i.e. not listed in SI). If the UE supports voice service is able to find the appropriate cells, you should try to find acceptance in each cell RAT supported, regardless of the cell selected priorities that are broadcast. The UE is not the opportunity to receive MBMS in that State.

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