Apple Plan for Next iPhone Larger Screen

Additional rumors are adding power to the expectations that Apple will finally break out of prison 4 – inch and deliver an iPhone with a resolution close to those offered by its rivals increasingly popular.

Apple began with a display of 3.5 – inch, and seemingly reluctantly upgraded to a 4-inch model a couple of years ago. However, at that time, already providing competitors cell typically with screen sizes in excess of 5 inches, and even higher phablets .

Apple has begun to look increasingly left – back stakes screen size.

Apple Larger Screen

Besides the large expanse larger screens offered by the manufacturer is also able to spread electronics, resulting in a flattening of the Smartphone to make them increasingly thin.

Citing “people familiar with the matter” usually Wall Street Journal has added to the rumors, saying that Apple is indeed working on at least two new iPhones that will come with larger screens.

Both new phones are expected to come with the same metal housings used on existing iPhone 5S, suggesting that the company’s experiment with cheap plastic cases 5C model is over.

The new phones are expected to come up with any screen 4.5 – inch, and a larger version that will be an unspecified size, but at least 5 cm.

It is expected that the two new handsets to be displayed on the second half, which fits quite well with Apple’s usual time. However, the report noted that a larger screen is still developing and is not officially signed yet.

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