What is NAP & NSP in Wimax ? How it Works ?

  • NAP: Network Access Provider
  • NSP: Network Service Provider
  • V-NSP: Visited NSP
  • H-NSP: Home NSP

NAP provides the operation entities of network facilities required by the WiMAX wireless access for one or more NSPs. The network facilities can consist of one or more ASNs.
NSP provides IP connection based WiMAX services according to the agreements entered with the WiMAX terminal uses at the service layer. As a result, the NSP can enter an agreement with other ASPs or ISPs to provide specific services. In the roaming mode, the NSP must enter an agreement with other NSPs. 

When a mobile terminal is located in the area served by the NSP beyond the home NSP, the NSP that provides the services for the terminal is called V-NSP. The CSN belongs to the NSP.