What is the difference between antivirus and Internet Security Kaspersky?


Antivirus software, such as Kaspersky Antivirus, focuses primarily on protecting devices from viruses, malware, and other malicious software. It offers essential security features such as real-time scanning of files and applications, detection and removal of known threats based on virus definitions, and regular updates to keep up with new malware strains. Antivirus software is typically designed for individual users and small businesses, providing basic protection against common cyber threats without extensive additional features.

Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security expands on traditional antivirus capabilities by offering enhanced protection for online activities and broader security features. In addition to antivirus protection, Internet Security includes features such as firewall, network attack blocker, and safe money tools. These features are designed to safeguard users’ online transactions, prevent unauthorized access to networks, and protect sensitive data from phishing attacks and identity theft. Internet Security solutions are suitable for users who require comprehensive protection while browsing the internet and conducting online transactions securely.

Key Differences

Focus of Protection: Antivirus software primarily focuses on detecting and removing viruses and malware from local devices, while Internet Security extends protection to online activities and network security, including firewall protection and phishing prevention.

Feature Set: Kaspersky Internet Security includes additional features like firewall, network attack blocker, and safe money tools that are not typically found in basic antivirus software. These features enhance online security and protect users’ privacy and financial information.

Target Audience: Antivirus software is suitable for individual users and small businesses seeking basic protection against viruses and malware. Internet Security is geared towards users who engage in online banking, shopping, and other internet activities requiring enhanced security measures.

Deployment and Usage: Antivirus software is straightforward to install and manage, offering ease of use and minimal configuration. Internet Security solutions may require more initial setup due to additional features like firewall and online security tools, which provide comprehensive protection but may require more advanced configuration and management.

In summary, while both antivirus and Internet Security solutions aim to protect against cyber threats, the key differences lie in their focus of protection, feature set, target audience, and deployment requirements. Antivirus software provides essential protection against viruses and malware, whereas Internet Security solutions offer broader protection for online activities and network security, including features like firewall and phishing prevention.

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