Telecom Techniques Guide


Advantages of Intelligent Network (IN)

Concept of Intelligent Network:
  • The introduction of new services and access to the GSM service are based on
    the concept of Intelligent Network (IN). This is because of the independence
    between: Conventional call processing handled by the exchange, Mobile radio functions handled by a dedicated server.
  • Dialog between these two is managed by an IN interface.
Advantages of this architecture:
  • Separation between applications: switching functions handled by the SSP, radio control functions handled by GSM servers (Radio Control Processor – RCP).
  • Functions can be developed independently.
    The MSC handles all mobile radio network access functions.
    The RCP handles all mobile radio functions:
  • Mobility management and radio frequencies (Radio Control Function – RCF).
  • It incorporates the VLR function (Visitor Location Register).


Tips: Think that Intelligent Network (IN) is only useful for pre-paid customer. how Intelligent Network (IN) is useful for post-paid customer.