Which Cell Parameters needs to Obtain in LTE?

To provide the most critical information to the UEs, the eNodeB uses the BCH channel The information is sent on pre-defined time-frequency resources.
This information is organized into different information blocks:
  • The MIB, the Master Information Block.
  • System Frame Number
  • DL -downlink System Bandwidth
  • Number of Transmit Antennas at eNodeB
  • Periodicity: 4 RFs
  • SIB1
  • How other SIBs are scheduled and cell accessibility
  • Periodicity: 8 RFs
  • SIB2: Access Info
  • SIB3: Serving Cell info for Cell reselection
  • SIB4: Intra-frequency neighbors
  • SIB5: Other e-UTRA frequency
  • SIB6: UTRA frequency

The MIB is carried by the BCH channel. 
All the SIBs are carried by the DL-SCH. downlink synchronization channel