LTE Channel Functionality. List of channel with its work

Here I write about each and every channel of LTE with its Functionality. How many channel and what its work.

Downlink and Uplink LTE Channel

Physical channels

  • PDSCH: Physical Downlink Shared Channel
  • PBCH: Physical broadcast channel
  • PMCH: Physical multicast channel
  • PDCCH: Physical Downlink Control Channel
  • PCFICH: Physical control format indicator channel
  • PHICH: Physical Hybrid ARQ Indicator Channel

Reference Signal (RS)

  • Cell specific RS
  • UE-specific RS

Synchronization Signal (SCH)

  • Primary Synchronization Signal (P-SCH)
  • Secondary Synchronization Signal (S-SCH)

SCH used for:

  • Symbol synchronization
  • Frame synchronization
  • Cell-ID determination

LTE SCH Channel BCH indicates:

  • Basic L1/L2 system parameters
  • Downlink system bandwidth
  • Reference-signal transmit power
  • Multi-media Broadcast over a Single Frequency Network (MBSFN)-related parameters
  • Number of transmit antennas
  • HARQ resource allocation

Control region is 1-3 OFDM symbols at the beginning of each subframe, composed of control channel elements (CCEs)

  • 4 Res = Resource element group (REG)
  • 9 REGs = 1 CCE

PCFICH – Physical Control Format Indicator Channel

  • # of OFDM symbols of control region

PHICH – Physical Hybrid ARQ Channel

  • ACK/NACK signaling

PDCCH – Physical Downlink Control Channel

  • Scheduling
  • UL power control