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Function of Control plane protocol stacks in LTE

The control plane includes the application protocol. It also includes the signaling bearers for transporting the application protocol messages. The application protocol is used for setting up bearers in the

OFDM and SC-FDMA Fundamental

OFDM Fundamental OFDM was selected for the downlink because it can Improved spectral efficiency Reduce ISI effect by multipath Provide better Protection against frequency selective fading OFDM is a scheme

How Header Compression in LTE

One of the main functions of the PDCP header compression is using Header Compression (ROHC) robust protocol defined by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) . In LTE, header compression is

Functions and Architecture of PDCP in LTE

PDCP layer performs the following functions: 1. Header compression and decompression plane of the user data; 2. Security features: encryption and deciphering the user plane and control plane data; the

How Grouped UE Closed Subscriber

Closed Subscriber Group LTE supports the existence of cells which are only available for a limited set of EEC- A closed Subscriber Group (CSG). In order to prevent attempts to

Frequency or RAT Evaluation for LTE UE

E-UTRAN configures a priority for all applicable frequencies for each RAT. In addition to the priorities of specific cells that are optionally provided by SI, E-UTRAN can assign specific EU

How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE

Here I write on How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE, means Handover to LTE and Mobility from LTE. Handover to LTE Procedure for handover of LTE is largely the same