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CDMA Forward Channel Carrier Power

CDMA forward channel carrier power varies greatly depending on how many traffic channels are in use, the characteristics of the users voices, the Forward Power Control settings as requested by

Why Closed Loop Power Control in CDMA

Closed loop power control is used to allow the power from the mobile unit to deviate from the nominal as set by open loop control. This is done with a

Open Loop Power Control in CDMA

The Open Loop Power Control require in cdma due to following reason. Assumes Loss is Similar on Forward paths and Reverse Paths Receive Power + Transmit Power = -73 All

How Power Control in Reverse Link in CDMA ?

Power Control Required in Reverse link cdma due to following reason. Maximum System Capacity is Achieved if: All Mobiles are Power Controlled to the Minimum Power for Acceptable Signal Quality

How WCDMA Uu Interface

WDMA Air interface or Uu Interface contains 3 layers which describe as follow, The WCDMA layer 1 supports all functions required for the transmission of bit streams on the physical

Mobile Power Bursting in CDMA

Each 20 millisecond frame in EIA/TIA-95-B CDMA is divided into sixteen “power control groups”. When the mobile transmits, each power control group contains 1536 data symbols (chips) at a rate

How Frame Formats in CDMA

Once the analog voice is compressed by one of the vocoder processes, some additional data is added to produce a frame. Each frame in CDMA is 20 milliseconds regardless of

Closed Loop Power Control Puncturing in CDMA

Once the data has been scrambled with the user specific long code, the closed loop power control data is then punctured into the data stream. Remember that the power control

Power Control Inaccuracy in CDMA

CDMA means all depedancy on power control here i write on Power Control Inaccuracy in cdma. Traffic capacity of CDMA systems is increased by implementing an appropriate power control scheme