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WCDMA Interleaving

How WCDMA Interleaving ? Effect Interleaving is used to reduce the probability of consecutive bits error Longer interleaving periods have better data protection with more delay Channel coding works well

LTE Architecture

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the newest 3GPP standard for mobile network technology. The goal of the System Architecture Evolution (SAE) effort in 3GPP is to develop a framework for

Functions of the cdma2000 Signaling Services Layer

Functions of the cdma2000 Signaling Services Layer The Signaling Services Layer processes all messages exchanged between the mobile and the base station. These messages control such things as call setup


  A mobile will in one of four states after it is powered on. Initialization State In the Initialization State, the mobile tunes to the first preferred RF frequency channel

Fixed versus Mobile difference at RF Side

Mobile (Portable) and fixed link between the proportion of the budget, there are four major Differences. The first difference between the fixed link will have a higher budget is usually