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Different Categories of UE in LTE

Categories of UE in LTE is divided by its function which is as per below. Functionality: eNB obtains the UE radio capabilities via: • The S1AP initial setup request message

Radio Protocol Stack Overview in LTE

In the C-plane, the NAS functional block is used for network attachment, authentication, setting up bearers, and mobility management. All NAS messages are ciphered and integrity protected by the MMEand


  LTE network is a PS-Only System, where E-UTRAN is limited to a single node (ENodeB, or eNB). The eNB handles all radio access and control functions. In the core

Network Architecture in LTE

Figure shows the network architecture of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC). The EPC consists of three main nodes: the Mobility Management Entity (MME), the Serving Gateway (SGW) and the Packet

LTE – eNodeB, MME and SAE Function in Short

Here I write in short about eNodeB functions, Mobile Management Entity (MME) functions and System Architecture Evolution (SAE) functions. LTE – eNodeB functions The eNodeB performs the following functions in