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List of LTE Equipment Related Parameters

LTE parameters Equipment related parameters include the base station, antenna, and terminal. The link budget parameters vary with the base stations, antennas, and terminals of different vendors. These parameters affect the

What is the difference between LTE and VOLTE?

What is VOLTE:- Volte (voice over lte) refers to voice calls made through a 4G LTE network rather than traditional calls made using csfb (circuit-switched fall-back), a system that switches

Affects of the Channel in LTE MIMO

To understand the impact of the channel, let’s assume that the base station receiver is facing many challenges in the same MIMO receiver that universal areas, but also must receive

What and How Cell Edge Rate in LTE

Cell Edge Rate in LTE is simple if it’s High then Coverage Low and if It’s Low then Coverage high similar to Frequency selection. Not clear lets understand in detail.

Penetration loss in LTE

Penetration loss in LTE indicates the fading of radio signals from an indoor terminal to a base station due to obstruction by a building. For an indoor receiver to maintain

What are SRNC and DRNC in WCDMA

SRNC and DRNC are concepts for a connected UE. The SRNC handles the connection to one UE, and may borrow radio resources of a certain cell from the DRNC. Drift

LTE Link Budget and Coverage Planning

Here I write on LTE RF link budget basic but important topics and criteria to remember for coverage planning for LTE. Let’s start topics. Why Link Budget Operators are rightfully

OFDM and SC-FDMA Fundamental

OFDM Fundamental OFDM was selected for the downlink because it can Improved spectral efficiency Reduce ISI effect by multipath Provide better Protection against frequency selective fading OFDM is a scheme

What is Basic behind MIMO for LTE

MIMO and other transmit spatial diversity scheme is a newer application than receive diversity and has become widely implemented only in the early 2000s. As the signals sent from different