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What is Basic behind MIMO for LTE

MIMO and other transmit spatial diversity scheme is a newer application than receive diversity and has become widely implemented only in the early 2000s. As the signals sent from different

How SU-MIMO Framework in LTE Rel 8

SU-MIMO is one of the key technologies in LTE Rel 8. There are two major operations under SU-MIMO: transmit diversity and spatial multiplexing. Transmit diversity is an efficient way to

MIMO Feedback in LTE Rel 8

CSI feedback allows downlink transmission to be adaptively optimized based on the instantaneous DL channel, so that closed loop beamforming and adaptive link adaptation can be enabled to optimize the

How MU-MIMO Framework in LTE

MU-MIMO is widely considered a key technology for system capacity improvement in modern wireless networks. In contrast to SU-MIMO, where the spatial multiplexing gain is confined to a single user,