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Overlapping Zones Number of Servers LTE Data

The overlapping zones (number of servers) criteria are used to establish the quality of the RF propagation environment from an interference point of view. The goal of the number of

Functions and Architecture of PDCP in LTE

PDCP layer performs the following functions: 1. Header compression and decompression plane of the user data; 2. Security features: encryption and deciphering the user plane and control plane data; the

How UE select suitable cell in LTE

Here write in simple words how UE select suitable cell in LTE. After the UE has selected a PLMN, is a done selecting cell – in other words, looking for

How Measurement Configuration in EUTRAN

The E-UTRAN can configure the UE to report measurement information to support the control of UE mobility. The following measurement configuration elements can be signaled via the RRC Connection Reconfiguration