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What is Channel Coding

To check and correct errors during the transmission, redundancy data and the information calculated from the source data are added to the stream so as to increase the bit rate.

Interference Margin for CDMA

In determining RF coverage in CDMA systems, the effect of interference generated from the serving cell as well as the neighboring cells must be considered, this is in contrast to

Defination and work of Eb/No in CDMA

Eb/No corresponds to energy per bit over interference plus noise density for a given target FER (typical FER target is 1%). In digital communications, it is customary to designate one-sided

Interference Limited MIMO Systems for Wimax

The third assumption—that the background noise is Gaussian and uncorrelated with the transmissions—is especially suspect in a cellular MIMO system. All well-designed cellular systems are by nature interference limited: If they

What is Speech Coding

The coding mode is called Regular Pulse Excited-Long Term Prediction (RPE-LTP). It works as follow: 8KHZ of sampling is performed first, then divided into frames with 20ms; every frame has

Definition of LTE Interference Margin

Here I write Interference Margin in simple word and basic definition of interference margin in LTE. Let understands it. Interference margin accounts for the increase in the terminal noise level

Inter Modulation Interference for LTE

When multiple strong signals with different frequencies enter a receiver at the same time, the inter modulation product at the receiver is generated by the signals by the front end

Spurious Interference and Blocking Interference for LTE

Spurious interference Spurious interference refers to the additive interference generated by the interference source in the working frequency band of the interfered receiver. Spurious interference includes the out of band