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GSM RF Optimization Step by Step

Here I write about GSM RF Optimization Step by Step and how to find KPI degradation and its solution. The RF network optimization process can be categorized by the following

Radio Link Control RLC in LTE

Here i write about Radio Link Control -RLC in LTE in a simple word. The RLC layer is located between the PDCP ( the “top” layer) layer and MAC layer

LTE Layer 2 user plane protocol stack in detail

LTE user Layer 2 Protocol stack-the plan is composed of three substrates, as shown in the figure. Packet layer packet data convergence Protocol (PDCP) : this layer processes messages resource

What is Principle for Frequency Planning in GSM

The actual frequency planning of certain areas is usually conducted with such areas divided into segments geographically, i.e., first divide a complex network into small networks. However, there should be

What is Use of LAC in GSM

Location Area Code(LAC) :  To locate the location of MS, the whole area covered by each GSM PLMN is divided into different location areas. LAC is used to identify different

What is Network Identity Parameter CGI in GSM

Network identity parameters mainly include cell global identity (CGI) and base station identity code (BSIC). CGI=MCC+MNC+LAC+CI Once MS receives SYS INFO, it decodes the CGI information, and decides whether it

How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE

Here I write on How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE, means Handover to LTE and Mobility from LTE. Handover to LTE Procedure for handover of LTE is largely the same

What is Principle of Base Band Hopping in GSM

There are a number of relatively independent base band processing units and carrier processing units in the system. The working frequency carrier of each carrier processing unit is fixed, the

Key Parameter list for Hopping

When you decide to apply hopping to any BTS then below parameter require to previously defining. All the parameters which are related to hopping are configured in cell/configure Hopping data

What is The Advantages of Frequency Hopping in GSM

Hopping can lower many kinds of interferences, such as co-channel interference, adjacent channel interference, inter modulation interference, etc. Hopping turns the consecutive long time interference of mobile station into discontinuous