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Adopting a multicarrier approach for multiple access in LTE was the first major design choice. The choice of multiple-access schemes was made in December 2005, with OFDMA being selected for

UL Allocation (SC-FDMA) in LTE

SC-FDMA utilizes single carrier modulation, DFT-spread orthogonal frequency multiplexing, and frequency domain equalization. LTE uses OFDMA on the DL. It allocates DL bandwidth to the user based on resource blocks,

LTE SC-FDMA and LTE Uplink

Introduction to SC-FDMA and uplink frame structure Marriage of single carrier transmission and FDMA Uplink SC-FDMA tranmsit and receive chains Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) comparison with SC-FDMA and

LTE OFDMA and Downlink Frame Structure Details

LTE OFDMA and Downlink Frame Structure Details Downlink OFDMA time-frequency multiplexing LTE Spectrum Flexibility and Bandwidth FDD downlink frame structure detailed TDD frame structure LTE (any OFDM/OFDMA) band is made


The uppermost evolution track shown in Figure is that developed in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which is currently the dominant standards development group for mobile radio systems and

Structure of Main BCCH in GSM

The TDMA/FDMA multiplexing is used in GSM, the information needed in the synchronization between MS and BTS is provided by FCCH+SCH. The MS determines the frequency of the BCCH carrier

What is Frame and Channel in GSM

The major basic concept concerned with the radio path transmission of the GSM system is the burst sequence (simplified as Burst). It is a string of transmission units including more

What are SRNC and DRNC in WCDMA

SRNC and DRNC are concepts for a connected UE. The SRNC handles the connection to one UE, and may borrow radio resources of a certain cell from the DRNC. Drift

Scheduling Principle,Frequency and time domain in LTE

Scheduling Principle Deployment of shared channels offers the possibility for scheduling. In this way information on varying channel conditions can be exploited to increase the overall throughput. Fast scheduling in