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Intra E-UTRAN Handover in LTE

The UE is RRC connected. During the HO: The radio link is released from the eNodeB 1 and re-established on the eNodeB 2 The Control plane is switched to the

How Time structure in LTE?

EUTRAN OFDM symbols have a basic duration of 66.667 ?s. This means up to 2048 complex samples per OFDM symbol in time domain representation. A cyclic prefix is pretended to

Closed Loop Mode Transmit Diversity in UMTS

UMTS Closed Loop Mode Transmit Diversity Used in DPCH and HS-PDSCH. The closed-loop-mode transmit diversity can only be applied to the UMTS downlink channel if there is an associated UMTS

How Measurement Configuration in EUTRAN

The E-UTRAN can configure the UE to report measurement information to support the control of UE mobility. The following measurement configuration elements can be signaled via the RRC Connection Reconfiguration

Radio Protocol Architecture in LTE

The EUTRAN radio protocol model specifies the protocols terminated between UE and eNB. The protocol stack follows the standard guidelines for radio protocol architectures (ITU-R M1035) and is thus quite