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Scheduling Principle,Frequency and time domain in LTE

Scheduling Principle Deployment of shared channels offers the possibility for scheduling. In this way information on varying channel conditions can be exploited to increase the overall throughput. Fast scheduling in

How Measurement Configuration in EUTRAN

The E-UTRAN can configure the UE to report measurement information to support the control of UE mobility. The following measurement configuration elements can be signaled via the RRC Connection Reconfiguration

Reference Signal Power Boosting Gain for LTE

Power boosting in LTE is mainly perform on the Reference signal. However, since the radio power is shared equally by all Resources element, the power allocation for each RE is

Operating Frequency Band and RSRP for LTE

Choosing which frequency band to operate a LTE network is one of the most critical decision. Operator has to make when it comes to capacity planning. The frequency propagation and

Fixed versus Mobile difference at RF Side

Mobile (Portable) and fixed link between the proportion of the budget, there are four major Differences. The first difference between the fixed link will have a higher budget is usually