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Power Control Inaccuracy in CDMA

CDMA means all depedancy on power control here i write on Power Control Inaccuracy in cdma. Traffic capacity of CDMA systems is increased by implementing an appropriate power control scheme

Conventional Blocking Analysis for CDMA

Conventional Blocking formula and its Analysis for cdma. In AMPS and TDMA systems, voice/traffic channels are assigned to users as long as they are available. Given the required offered traffic,

Reverse Channel Structure in CDMA

The Reverse CDMA Channel is composed of Access Channels and Reverse Traffic Channels. These channels share the same CDMA frequency assignment. Each Traffic Channel is identified by a distinct user

How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE

Here I write on How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE, means Handover to LTE and Mobility from LTE. Handover to LTE Procedure for handover of LTE is largely the same

CDMA Handoff Defination,Types and Capacity

Handoffs The TIA/EIA Interim Standard, Mobile Station – Base Station Compatibility Standard of Dual- Mode Wideband Spread Spectrum Cellular System (TIA/EIA/IS-95), states that a CDMA base station shall support three