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Apple Fined by Australian Court for Misleading 4G

Following action taken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Federal Court has ordered Apple to pay AU$2.25 million in civil pecuniary penalties for misleading advertising in relation to

Initial LTE Network Design Options

While the goals and design targets specified above may be aggressive, options have been approved for consideration in the design that when used properly, will lead to a more efficient

LTE KPI -Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP)

Reference signal received power (RSRP) identifies the signal level of the Reference Signal. It is defined as the linear average over the power contributions of the resource elements that carry

Apple’s iPhone 5c in question Again

Sales of Apple’s iPhone 5c were so disappointing that the consumer technology giant will probably reduce the price soon device model or scrap altogether, according to analysts, Alistair Barr reports