Simple Basic behind Antenna Systems for RF

Any Antenna may be Omni antennas or Directional antenna. Omni antennas provide approximately the same amount of profit throughout the entire 360-degree horizontal pattern. Directional antenna, sometimes referred to as

What is Workload Modeling for LTE

Understanding the current subscriber behavior and trends is a valuable guide for a product manufacturer and operator of the capital investment. In this post a few key observations will be

Basic RF Propagation Models for LTE

An RF propagation model is a mathematical formula used to characterize the radio is Wave transmitter at one end and the other end into the receiver propagation between It is

What is Side and Back Lobes in LTE antenna

Side and back lobes are regions in a template where the “directions” the antenna may be of benefit, except for the maximum rate. System engineer Note these characteristics with downtilting

What is CPE Antenna Variations in LTE

A couple of differences may exist between the CPE and device specifications  the alleged targets. The differences are mainly due to two factors not normally thought of in the design