Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration

Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration, penetration losses, losses, duplexer, transmission, subscriber, propagation for gsm technology losses.

In GSM System Losses is different type here i write about Losses by Duplexer, Body And Penetration

Duplexer Loss

  • A duplexer enables simultaneous transmission and reception of signals on the same antenna.
  • It provides isolation between the transmitted and received signal.
  • Duplexers typically have a insertion loss of 0.5 to 1 dB

combiner loss

Body Loss

  • For all receiving environments a loss associated with the effect of users body on propagation has to be used I.e. proximity of the user with the mobile.
  • This effect is in the form of few dB losses in both the uplink and downlink directions.
  • Body loss is typically taken as 2 dB.

Penetration losses

  • Penetration losses depend on the location of the subscriber with respect to the site.
  • Generally 3 types of scenarios are taken into consideration viz. In-building, In-car and on street.
  • Body loss is also a type of penetration loss.

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