How To Set Pilot Search Window Sizes in CDMA ?

  • When the handset first powers up, it does an exhaustive search for the best pilot. No windows are used in this process.
  • On the paging channel, the handset learns the window sizes SRCH_WIN_A, N, R and uses them when looking for neighbors both in idle mode and during calls.
  • When a strong neighbor is requested in a PSMM, the former neighbor pilot is now a candidate. Its offset is precisely remembered and frequently rechecked and tracked by the phone.
  • Window size for actives and candidates can be small, since their exact position is known. Only search wide enough to include multipath energy!•This greatly speeds up overall searching!
  • Most post-processing tools deliver statistics on the spread (in chips) between fingers locked to the same pilot. These statistics literally show us how wide the SRCH_WIN_A should be set.
  • Neighbor and Remaining search windows should be set to accommodate the maximum intercell distances which a mobile might experience.

Tips: Search window help to reduce pilot pollution. in HSD (EVDO) search window helpful at standalone site to increase data throughput if increased.

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