Here You Get how 3G work, Go inside WCDMA Technology and wcdma rf optimization.

How WCDMA Uu Interface

WDMA Air interface or Uu Interface contains 3 layers which describe as follow, The WCDMA layer 1 supports all functions required for the transmission of bit streams on the physical

UMTS Network Structure

UTRAN (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access network) structure The UTRAN consists of one or several Radio Network Subsystem ( RNS ), each containing one RNC and one or several NodeB. Interface

Closed Loop Mode Transmit Diversity in UMTS

UMTS Closed Loop Mode Transmit Diversity Used in DPCH and HS-PDSCH. The closed-loop-mode transmit diversity can only be applied to the UMTS downlink channel if there is an associated UMTS

Random Access Procedure in UMTS

In This article I write about step of Physical random access procedure in umts. As shown in below figure steps is as below. Derive the available uplink access slots, in

How Channel Mapping in WCDMA

Here I Write about how the mapping can be done between logical, transport and physical channels. Not all physical channels are represented because not all physical channels correspond to a