Which Bands Used in WCDMA ?

Which Bands Used in WCDMA ? band allocation for 3G technology bandwidth and frequency count for wcdma what is different types of band in wcdma.

There are different band in different country but most of commonly used band we will discuss here.
Main bands : means basic band when 3G commercial launch by Private or public sector.
1920 ~ 1980MHz / 2110 ~ 2170MHz Supplementary bands: different country maybe different as per government selling in auction.
1850 ~ 1910 MHz / 1930 MHz ~ 1990 MHz (USA) 
1710 ~ 1785MHz / 1805 ~ 1880MHz (Japan) 
890 ~ 915MHz / 935 ~ 960MHz (Australia)
Frequency channel number : central frequency×5, for main band: 
UL frequency channel number :9612-9888 
DL frequency channel number : 10562-10838

The WCDMA system uses the following frequency spectrum (bands other than those specified by 3GPP may also be used): Uplink 1920 MHz ~ 1980 MHz and downlink 2110 MHz ~ 2170 MHz. Each carrier frequency has the 5M band and the duplex spacing is 190 MHz. In America, the used frequency spectrum is 1850 MHz ~ 1910 MHz in the uplink and 1930 MHz ~ 1990 MHz in the downlink and the duplex spacing is 80 MHz.

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