3G Spectrum Allocation

3G Spectrum Allocation 3G Spectrum Allocation auction and what frequency allocated wordwide for 3G technology, wcdma frequency band allocation world wide.

3G Spectrum Allocation is different in different country but mainly its all having as per below figure.
  • ITU has allocated 3G Spectrum Allocation 230 MHz frequency for the 3G mobile communication system IMT- 2000: 1885 ~ 2025MHz in the uplink and 2110~ 2200 MHz in the downlink. Of them, the frequency range of 1980 MHz ~ 2010 MHz (uplink) and that of 2170 MHz ~ 2200 MHz (downlink) are used for mobile satellite services. As the uplink and the downlink bands are asymmetrical, the use of dual-frequency FDD mode or the single-frequency TDD mode may be considered. 
  • This plan was passed in WRC92 for 3G Spectrum Allocation and new additional bands were approved on the basis of the WRC-92 in the WRC2000 conference in the year 2000: 806 MHz ~ 960 MHz, 1710 MHz ~ 1885 MHz and 2500 MHz ~ 2690 MHz.

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